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Portfolio Pro for iPad

Nick Kuh February 14, 2013 8 Announcements

A new version of Portfolio Pro is now live in the App Store

The most exciting new feature of version 1.75 is the ability to share your Portfolio between multiple iPads. This has been the most highly requested feature since Portfolio Pro first launched in May 2012.

Portfolio Pro is used by Photographers, Designers, Sales Reps. Professionals who require a beautiful presentation app for presenting their work and products via the retina iPad or iPad mini. In many cases a Photographer needs to share his portfolio with his agent or a Sales Manager has spent time crafting the perfect branded presentation using Portfolio Pro on one iPad and now needs to distribute the same presentation to 5-10 Sales Rep iPads. This is now a synch using the new Dropbox Export/Import mechanism.

Here's a step-by-step tutorial to walk you through the process of sharing your portfolio with Portfolio Pro for iPad:

Step 1: Build your Portfolio!

# Create your home screen saver

# Add your logo and brand - add/import your own logo, choose styling options such as fonts and colour, add a portfolio title and link to your portfolio website.

# Create and import galleries from your iPad, from Dropbox and from Flickr. Edit the photo and video titles and descriptions and reorder your work by press'n'hold to drag any thumbnail.

All done? Happy with the results?! Here's my iOS Developer Portfolio on my iPad Mini:


Time to export the whole portfolio to Dropbox!


Step 2: Export your Portfolio to Dropbox

Make sure you're connected to wi-fi as the export and import process can take a while depending on the size of your portfolio. You'll also need to ensure that you have a (free) Dropbox account setup and connected to Portfolio Pro (if you haven't already connected to Dropbox then do so via the Services > Dropbox Sign in option also in the main settings menu.

Ensure that you're in edit mode by tripple tapping any screen and open the settings.


Scroll down to the new Back up and Share section of the settings menu.


Tap to Export Portfolio to Dropbox. Now navigate to the Dropbox folder you'd like to export your portfolio to. You can use the root Dropbox folder if you want - only a single export file will be created there. When you've selected the folder to export to tap the Export Here button top right.


You'll now need to wait a while (depending on your connection speed) for two processes to complete: 1) Preparation of the export  and 2) The export file to upload to Dropbox. Portfolio Pro will do all the hard work for you:



Step 3: Share/Import your Portfolio to other iPads

Open Portfolio Pro on another iPad.


In order to import a Portfolio the other iPads will need to complete two steps: 1) Sign to Dropbox and 2) Import the exported portfolio from Dropbox. The Dropbox account can either be the same account as the account users to export the portfolio or it can be another account with access to a shared Dropbox folder containing the portfolio.

Again, in edit mode open the settings menu of the receiving iPad and navigate to the  Back up and Share section.


Tap the Import Portfolio from Dropbox option and then navigate to the Dropbox folder containing the portfolio export. It will be named portfolio.pp as shown in the pic below.


Tap on the portfolio to start the import process. 


Once the process completes Portfolio Pro will replace any existing files on the receiving iPad with the imported portfolio. This includes all settings, text and styling.


Moments after the download completes, the imported Portfolio will switch to client mode and flip to the home screen. Everything should be identical to the original exported portfolio.


Nice and easy right?!

If you make any changes to the original portfolio that you wish to pass on to the receiving iPads then you'll need to let the export/import process run again and all your updates should appear when the import completes.



I really hope you like this new feature of Portfolio Pro and the other improvements that I've made to the app in this update. Please do share the app with your friends and collegues and leave a nice review in the App Store here.

Thanks for your support